About Me

About Christine

Christine Barone Creative Catalyst

I’m a multi-genre music junkie;

I don’t skip commercials;

72% Dark is the best;

I talk to dogs before humans;

I really miss the darkroom;

I pull over for orange skies, purple mountains, crashing waves and vibrant blooms;

loved Crash and Midnight In Paris;

walking NYC;

a great Pinot Noir;

and my day won’t start without 16 ounces of medium dark.

My Personal Story

Coloring was my favorite childhood pastime. I liked that I could take a black and white line drawing and make it come alive, as well as the freedom to choose up to 48 different colors. I expertly drew within the lines. I found tremendous beauty in exactness, and great joy in coloring yet another page of vivid perfection.

I suppose this was a clue to my future career in the advertising world. Choosing a creative industry sparked my visual acuity once again. I worked at all kinds of agencies, servicing every type of client. With imagination, curiosity, talent – of course – and the collaboration of others, I was producing amazing “grown-up” versions of promotional perfection.

And yet as much as I loved the industry, I had an aching sense I needed to explore more. Although it was rewarding on many levels, I wasn’t convinced this work was my “one thing”. I knew I had to dig deeper.

Christine Barone, Photographer While I was pondering my next move, I grabbed my beloved Canon and went on a storytelling journey, shooting whatever inspired me. I discovered a 200-year-old neighborhood hidden beyond railroad tracks. Instantly, I was hooked. San Juan Capistrano’s  Los Rios Street became my first coffee table book and Artful Tributes was born. I focus on people stories, travel stories, celebration stories. You name it, I create it. Every story is a tribute that needs to be told.

Okay, back to finding that “one thing”.

I decided to take a Benchmark seminar; it changed my life forever. It taught me to live my life by choice. It also taught me that my thoughts and feelings affect my behavior and outcome, and at anytime I have the power to shift… what I think and how I feel. Okay, this was interesting.

The amazing benefit of immersing myself in this new mindset was tremendous self-awareness. Who doesn’t want that? It allowed me to take the focus off of me and think about being of service to others. So I volunteered for a non-profit, dedicating my time to a country and its lack of clean water. Learning fundraising and organizing galas, supporting the cause was my new daily purpose.

And then I had an opportunity to meet the founder of another not-for-profit, whose mission supports emotional healing through creative expression. Wow, this one had my name all over it!  It resonated on a deep level and ignited a passion for art I didn’t know I had.

To continue my life long journey of self-empowerment, I deChristine Barone teaching art4healing cided to take a certification course to become an Art4Healing® Workshop Facilitator. This investment in furthering my education, through an emotional, creative medium, tapped into much more than a latent artistic ability. I knew instantly this was my new purpose, to help others discover, explore, share and heal through the powerful language of color. It’s a stimulating, revealing, therapeutic ride using the flow of paint and all the magic hands and hearts can create.

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