Art4Healing® Has Roots In The Corporate World

Stock traders are stressed out people

It would be difficult to find more stressed out employees that those on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange. For some, their day begins at four and ends well after eight. I’m guessing they work through lunch and pass on breaks. Not a health-conscious schedule by any means.

They were looking to blow off steam

It’s interesting that a dozen Wall Street executives walked into an artist’s studio over 30 years ago asking to “mess up some canvases.” I think they knew the act of painting could in some way help them feel better. They showed up in their designer suits and within minutes, they were “playing” like children. The artist watched in amazement. She knew she was on to something. 

They found their “inner child”

Okay, so let’s take a little trip down memory lane.

Do you remember that feeling in grade school when it was time for recess? For me, it was one of the highlights of the day. I couldn’t wait to get outside, run on the playground, improve my Double Dutch jumping skills or climb the monkey bars.

It didn’t matter. I was outside, I was running, I was laughing, I was sharing it with my friends.

Sometimes it was before lunch. Other times after.

Stress melted away

The question is, why did I like it so much? Because I was breathing fresh air. Because I was out of the stifling, four-walled room with windows too high to see out of. Because I was feeling the sunlight. Because I could talk out loud. Because I could express myself openly, on my terms. Because I could use my imagination. Because I needed the break.

So, what’s the point?

So, do you see what I’m getting at here? If a seven-year-old, whose life is simple and uncomplicated, looks forward to a break, why wouldn’t an adult? We sit in cubicles. We stare at computer screens. We run from one meeting to another. We skip lunch. We work late. We get stuck in traffic. We miss the recital. We forgot the dinner date. We get cranky. We’re tired. We’re not happy.

No matter what your job, a “play break” is in order

Back to the super-stressed stockbrokers. I do believe they figured it out. They walked out of the NYSE, into an artist’s loft. They sat down. They started to paint. Why? Because they needed a “play” break.

Let’s give your team the creative “play break” they need. And, let’s watch “happiness” unfold.

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