Emotional Connection is the Key

Did You Know It’s All About Emotional Connection?


Think about it. Every look, exchange, interaction or conversation is filled with an emotional connection of some kind.

We’re impacted by the people we spend time with, what we did the night before, who we spoke to on the phone, how we feel physically and what happened at the morning meeting. 

We bring this mashup of feelings to every communication, verbal and non-verbal. The key is to have awareness and understanding of how these emotions affect us and those around us.

Humans are “wired” for connection

I recently took a course called Mastering Emotional Connection with Lola Gershfeld of Level Five Executive. It went deep into this concept of connection, what it is, how to develop it, and why we’re “wired” for it.

Here’s a little backstory to illustrate the point. Raised in a household of five kids in a New Jersey suburb, I was the second oldest with a brother who never wanted a sister, let alone four siblings. As a result, I never felt a “connection” with him, emotional or otherwise. 

We need family connections

Four years later, my parents created the second family…what I like to call the December Triple Play. Now Mom’s hands were full with three toddlers under the age of three. How could she possibly notice me, let alone connect with me?

This profound childhood experience conditioned me for a longing for connection as an adult. When I find myself in situations that remind me of my past, my connection trigger button goes into high alert. I am now keenly aware of the response and its emotional impact on me, and how my triggers affect those around me.

How can you be more emotionally connected?

If my story resonates with you on any level, consider taking Lola’s course. It’s enlightening, insightful, and empowering. You’ll have a better understanding of how your emotions play a role in your relationships, personally and professionally. Mastering Emotional Connection will help you be a better communicator, a better manager, a better mentor, a better leader…and, for me, a better facilitator. Experience one of my “creative playtime” workshops and connect to the emotions of color. You’ll love it!

So, what’s your story?

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I am eager and ready to CONNECT!

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