Give Your Employees Time to Play and Watch Magic Happen!

Have you considered that a huge percentage of your employees come to work with personal stresses on their minds? Could be issues with their kids, their personal health, aging parents, relationship challenges…the list is endless.

How do you help them be the best they can be?


What if they were able to hit the refresh button in the middle of the day and come back more eager, more motivated, more pumped to perform their jobs better?

What if, in the exploration of their innate creativity, they solved some of the companies biggest challenges, simply because they were offered an opportunity to PLAY?

Seems like a formula for success to me!

I have the solution…it’s called CREATIVE PLAYTIME. It offers your team a chance to experience each other in a fun, interactive, engaging exploration of self-discovery.


What are the benefits, you ask? 

Here’s what the experts are saying…

According to Psychologist Shilagh Mirgain, Ph.D., “In Play, we find the freedom to color outside the lines of our life…to use our imagination to see worlds where anything is possible…we may find the solution we’ve been looking for, new insights and innovations, even greater creativity.”

Halley Bock, author of Life, Incorporated: A Practical Guide To Wholehearted Living says, “The expression of play is essential to our ability to regulate emotions, to create, to adapt, to forge and reinforce bonds with one another, to develop compassion for ourselves and others.”

StartupNation had this to say, “To create BIG ideas, you have to create the space and encourage that kind of behavior and culture…if you want happy, productive and prized members on your team, you need to start igniting their creativity to get them motivated.”

There’s more evidence, but I think you get the point.

Give your team an opportunity to PLAY.

Book a Creative Team-Building workshop and watch the magic happen!