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Did Einstein know something we didn’t?

Einstein gave us something wonderful to ponder in 1931, when he wrote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Although there’s more to the official quote, this is the part we remember. To me, it implies that time spent imagining is more beneficial than time spent learning.

What if you decided to embrace this concept, whether you agreed with it or not? What if you were to carve out time, say an hour or two, what would you daydream about? Would you allow your brain to roam freely? How would it make you feel?

What a day for a daydream!

Okay, so back to Einstein. Here’s what I know. He went for walks in nature, allowing his mind to take in the beauty. He played the violin and let the music take him to another place. He went sailing and surrendered to the flow of the ocean currents. He intuitively knew that time spent wandering freed the mind of boundaries and limitations. That we all could be better learners if we spent more time imagining.

How did he know?

So what if you tapped into your inner “Genius” and made imagination more important than knowledge?

I believe there’s a bit of Einstein in all of us…got to daydream to find it!

And, I can help with that. Book a Corporate Creative Workshop for your employees and let the imagination flow.

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