Christine Barone teaching art4healing

What it Means to Be an Art4Healing® Workshop Facilitator!

Facilitating art4healing workshops brings me joy!

Being an Art4Healing®Workshop Facilitator is incredibly fulfilling. The participant’s creativity comes alive through these fun-filled, structured painting classes. They’re designed to inspire, encourage and evoke emotional responses. Exploring with color and paint on canvas allows for amazing results to unfold. Quite often, they’re surprised by their own artistic capabilities, and the pure enjoyment of experiencing this artful process.

As an Art4healing®Workshop Facilitator, I’m rewarded by witnessing the personal discovery and self-awareness the participants uncover. For some, emotional truths are revealed. Others may gain enhanced clarity or insight. No matter what, by showing up they can learn something new about themselves. To play a small role in their journey is quite satisfying.

Teaching Art4healing® Workshops is gratifying work. I’m a catalyst to help people share their stories in a safe, comfortable environment. This fosters new relationships and an unexpected sense of community. When people listen and hear familiar themes spoken from the hearts of painting classmates, the Art4Healing method is, indeed, working its magic. Oh, how I love the beauty and power of 16 colors of acrylic paint!

So, to wrap up what it means to be an Art4Healing Workshop Facilitator, here’s the icing on the art4healing cake. When folks leave a workshop and tell me they’ve already signed up for next week…AND they’re going to invite all their friends because they just want to spread the word…guess what? I’m in Art4healing heaven! Oh, the joy!

I facilitate Art4Healing® Workshops at community centers, non-profit organizations, senior centers, conference rooms, retreat centers and anywhere a group of twelve can paint privately. There are over a dozen themed workshops to choose from, touching on topics like anger & fear, relationship issues, betrayal, the pursuit of happiness and stress management, among others.

In 1985, Founder, Laurie Zagon incorporated art into the healing process that would eventually spawn her Art4Healing® workshops. Using her method of Art4Healing, she’s helped thousands of children and adults use paint to process stress, deal with a life-threatening illness, manage grief or simply have a greater self-awareness.  The Zagon method of Art4Healing  was initially developed in New York City in 1987 to help busy executives conquer the stress of their demanding Wall Street jobs.

*Art and Creativity for Healing is a 501(c3) nonprofit organization.  Art4healing facilitators are certified, independent contractors.