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Corporate Wellness Workshops

So how do wellness workshops help build a culture of happiness? It begins with the collective well being of your employees and health-centered workplace programs. They help your team feel creatively inspired, more connected to their co-workers, more motivated, more productive, more engaged and more fulfilled. And, on a core level, more appreciated, more valued and more affiliated with the company AND the team.


Therapeutic Creative Workshops

It’s easy to get into an artful flow when you show up with an open mind and a willingness to explore. They are perfect for seniors, medical groups, veterans, non-profit staff, rehab centers, trade associations, networking groups, counselors, educators, or any group ready for a unique creative experience.

Painting Stories

Let’s have some fun and Paint Stories! They are designed to engage, enhance and enrich participant’s lives using the medium of acrylic paint. The experience brings joy simply by playing with color on canvas. There’s an element of surprise when artistic talent emerges. It’s a perfect family bonding experience; a great activity for social gatherings, parties, and celebrations; a unique corporate gift giving alternative; a fun Holiday gift idea for friends and family.


How long are the workshops?

Corporate workshops are one and one-half to two hours in length. They can be customized based on time restrictions, curriculum topics and the number of participants, with a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve.

Therapeutic Creative Workshops typically run two hours to accommodate the guided, themed, structured process and include up to three paintings per session, with a maximum of twelve participants.

Painting Stories is a two-three hour class and can be customized based on the theme, number of participants, location, and budget.

Where are the workshops held?

Corporate workshops are held in conference rooms, classrooms, boardrooms, hotel suites or any private room that comfortably seats up to twelve.

Therapeutic workshops are held at senior living properties, community centers, retreat centers, classrooms, conference rooms or any private room with seating for up to twelve.

Painting Stories workshops can be held in private homes, art studios, restaurants, office conference rooms or any room with space for a maximum of fifteen.

Do I need prior experience?

Previous experience is not required or necessary. Bringing an open mind and a willingness to play is!

How much does it cost?

Because every workshop is based on different variables, there is no set fee per person per class. It depends on the type of Workshop, the number of attendees, the workshop location, supplies needed and individual budgets.

Where do I sign up?

Let’s schedule a Corporate, Therapeutic or Painting Stories workshop at your location! Contact me to get the ball rolling!

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